Beta Calum, LLC

CGC 1521023
Engineering & Construction

A Beta Ingenieria C.A. company

As a leading provider of engineering and consulting services, we take pride on excellent team of professionals.

Beta Ingeniería , C.A. was established in 1985 in Mérida, Venezuela by an experienced group of Civil Engineers.

Since then Beta has provided professional services in the areas of project management, supervision, inspections and consulting to both governmental and private institutions in Venezuela and Latin America. Beta focuses in human capital investment in the areas of project engineering for both structural and civil projects.

Since opening its doors,  Beta Ingeniería C.A. has provided engineering, consulting and construction services in Latin America. Now it expands its operations to the US with its newest subsidiary: Beta Calum, LLC.

Beta Calum, LLC is to become the hub for the company's expansion in engineering and construction services to the Central American and Caribbean markets.

At the same time, Beta Calum will brings the company's approach in consulting services to U.S. market, focusing in Quality Control Services and compliance with the requirements for contractors working for local, regional or U.S. Federal government.

Our Staff's Qualifications:

             Project Management

             Project Engineering

             Inspection Engineers

             Consulting Engineers

 Beta Calum, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.