Beta Calum, LLC

CGC 1521023
Engineering & Construction

A Beta Ingenieria C.A. company


  • Consulting
    • Beta Calum’s team has experience working at different government levels. This includes extensive knowledge of the different governmental programs and laws, safety and quality standards, and processing requirements for government contractors. Our consulting packages include:
      • Extensive credit management knowledge on multilateral agreements between multinationals, and international organizations
      • BAA compliance management
      • Create & manage Small Business Programs in compliance with the Federal governmental requirements
      • Meet and produce Statements of compliance (SF 1413)
      • Processing Direct Purchase Orders (DPO)
  • Construction
    • LEED® AP certified professionals with years experience providing construction and project management services to both private and government clients in the US
      •  Implementation of a comprehensive Industrial Safety Program 
      •  Employment of advanced technology packages (Contract Manager, On-Trac, etc) to optimize the construction process
      •  Local (county) schools and institutional projects
      •  Private, residential and comercial projects